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The Next Steps to Build Your Network

You’ve come home from the conference with a stack of business cards from people whom you have met. Now what? Don’t let them sit on the corner of your desk until next year. It’s time to start developing and building relationships with newly added members to your network. A quick “Nice to have met you” [Continue]

Design Tips for Your New Website

The Internet is often the first place where consumers go to find products or services. To make the best first impression on your audience, it is vital that your Website be compelling, engaging, and easy to navigate. Effective web design is very different than print design. We’ve outlined 6 tips that will ensure your Web [Continue]

Technological Innovation as a Distinctive Feature not just in Document Management

How could an organization discriminate itself from its competitors? By improving its customer support and creating much lower prices. Surely, these days, both actions demand development in Information Technology and Communication (ITC) systems that are tough for that rivalry to duplicate. The issue contains aligning the investment at the ITCs with business priorities, although the [Continue]

Social Media is Good for Everyone

Many people know all about the biggest social networking sites. There are a few that are most popular of course and those are probably the ones that instantly came into your head when I mentioned social media. But there are also several smaller sites that are popular for the same types of things. There are [Continue]

Data security: Crucial for all businesses

‘Data’, this small word has a lot of significance. The data of any company is one of the most important valuables of the company. The data of any company includes the information of the company, its employees, the complete business, mission, vision and goals, past projects, history, future plans, information about clients, projects, deals and [Continue]

How to spy on a mobile phone

In today’s world, the mobile phone is the same ordinary thing as a TV or refrigerator. The first mobile phone models had a standard set of functions – calls, SMS, alarm clock, calculator, and clock. But today, it is simply impossible to describe all the possible features of this device: video cameras, players, Internet browsers, [Continue]

Know more about application hosting

Many clients questions that what exactly hosting an application means. It has an easy concept, hosting an application or we can say application hosting is a web based solution that enables clients to run software applications via cloud on a recurring basis and is generally provided by an ASP i.e, Application Service Provider or Application [Continue]